Six week improve your relationship with food programme

“Be prepared for a whirlwind of emotions to be unleashed, to venture on a fabulous journey that will turn everything you have ever known, ever felt and ever believed in upside down! For years I would stare at my body in the mirror hating how I looked and did not think  a programme for a few weeks would be able to change that. My beliefs about my self image have been ingrained in me for countless years, how was all that to change  in just a few weeks? Well I am delighted to say I was totally wrong!  I have not only transformed my way of life but the way I feel about myself, the way I treat myself and most importantly the way I feel towards food. I am no longer the binge eating, weigh myself everyday for punishment girl that I had been for the last 20 years. I am a beautiful, confident woman with friends and family who love me. I am proud to be me!” Natalie, Gibraltar

The Happy in Body programme explained

Would you like to improve your relationship with food? Are you ready for a totally different approach? This is a programme that will scratch the surface, it will to make you feel uncomfortable at times, to help you get to what’s really going on for you. This programme is designed to give you freedom from the unwanted eating habits that are silently plaguing you.


What will the programme do for you?

  • Improve your relationship with food
  • Get you out of the rut of unwanted eating habits, whether it’s bingeing, overeating, chronic dieting…
  • Understand your triggers and teach you techniques to manage them
  • Stop fighting food and appetite
  • Stop the self-sabotage
  • Calm the overactive brain and negative self-talk
  • Let go of perfectionism around food


What does it consist of?

  • An initial 45minute individual Skype session to learn more about you, your goals for the programme and how we can work together. After this session I will develop your programme.
  • 6 x 45minute individual Skype sessions scheduled weekly or fortnightly
  • You will be given ‘homework’ between sessions which may involve journalling and implementing new tools and techniques



Programme Structure

The programme will be tailored to you, to your specific needs and requirements. However, here are some of the things we may cover:

  • Defining your relationship with food: where it is now and where you’d like to take it
  • Tuning in to the ‘radio station’ in our brain and learning to filter out the negative back-chat
  • Perfectionism around food, the self-imposed pressure and punishment
  • Becoming aware, observing, and understanding our habits and triggers
  • Differentiating between emotional and physical hunger
  • Ending the war, whether it’s with food, appetite or how you see yourself
  • Self-perception and body image: how you imagine your body to be
  • An array of tools, techniques and strategies to help you



“The emotional eating programme was a huge eye opener for me. I realised just how much time and energy I spent just thinking about food but with Claudia’s help I was able to break the vicious cycle of literally punishing myself with food and weight-loss. Suddenly the radio station in my head began to be kind and I was able to love myself more and more every day!!! I no longer wanted to feel FULL or to punish myself with weigh ins. By the end of the programme I was able to look at myself in the mirror and actually smile… I couldn’t remember the last time I had been able to.
Thank you Claudia! Xxx” Jessica, London

“Claudia helps you to highlight the roots of your emotional eating and provides you with the tools to try to combat it. It has been a journey where I have learnt a lot about myself and gained knowledge I will certainly use for the rest of my life. I am happy to highly recommend this programme to all!” Joanna, Gibraltar