Six week health & weight loss programme

“I have just completed the Happy In Body weight loss programme. I have never felt healthier and happier and feel very energetic. I have lost 7 kilos and dropped a dress size. I wanted to go on a “diet”, as we all do, and found that this programme was the complete opposite. It was just simply a change of lifestyle and eating habits. Claudia has shown me how to eat healthily and sensibly. It has changed my life and has made me very aware of eating the right foods to maintain a healthy lifestyle and I would recommend this programme to everyone.” Cathy, London



Did you know that 98-99% of all diets fail because people gain the weight back as soon as they stop the diet? This is unlike any other “diet”. By the end of the programme you will have a sustainable plan for life. You will understand which foods work for your body and which foods work against your body. There is a real need for us all to move away from punishment and deprivation when it comes to effective weight loss – it simply doesn’t work!



What will the programme do for you?

  • Create a new level of awareness on how different foods impact your body. We become detectives and use symptoms as clues to uncover underlying imbalances or food sensitivities. By the end of the programme you will know to what extent your symptoms are triggered by your food choices.
  • Have you been dieting for years? If you have weight to lose you will develop a deeper understanding of what may have been hindering weight loss in the past. This is not a ‘quick fix’ or a race. I’m interested in putting you on the right path to good health and sustainable weight loss at your body’s pace.
  • Educate you around different aspects of health: blood sugar balance, digestive function/ underlying food sensitivities, adrenals/ thyroid/ female hormone balancing, and inflammation.
  • This programme is not about punishment or feeling restricted. There is no weighing or calorie limitations. I want you to feast on the foods that are nourishing for your body! Many people are surprised to lose weight when they are eating more than they normally would.
  • This is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. You will very quickly learn how to tailor the programme to you as individual.


What does it consist of?

  • 1x 30minute individual Skype call with Claudia to discuss your medical history and goals for the programme
  • The programme itself in PDF format
  • Weekly videos and audio recordings
  • Weekly quizzes and handouts
  • Weekly teleconference group call/ or option for ongoing individual Skype sessions with Claudia
  • Access to a closed FB page for ongoing support, recipe sharing etc.
  • Access to a closed members website to access all materials



Programme structure

You will have your 30minute individual Skype consultation prior to the start of the programme.


Introduction to the programme, how it works, structure, which foods to eat, which foods to avoid, recipes, meal ideas etc


Blood sugar balancing, how to adapt the programme after the first 10 days


How digestion works and underlying food sensitivities


The thyroid, adrenals and female hormones explained


Inflammation and obesity: the hidden link


Your plan for life!


What others say:

“Signing up for this programme was the best decision I have made in over 30 years.  Understanding about food sensitivities has improved my health and my weight has dropped considerably.  Thank you so much…” Sarah, Gibraltar

“Just as I’d resigned myself to being fat at forty my friend asked me to join her in this ‘new diet’. When I met with Claudia I told her how I had tried literally every diet going and she was my last resort. I was diabetic, tired ALL the time and thought an upset gastric system and foggy head was just normal. I had anxiety issues which I thought were made worse by my shift work and the worst part, my increasing waist line!!! Claudia reassured me that I could heal my body! “Hmmm! I’ll believe it when I see it” I thought!  I’ve tried every diet going, each contradicts the next! I’d lose weight but struggle to maintain their unrealistic rules and the result are short lived. I’ve seen NHS medical professionals re my diabetes and the bottom line was “don’t eat cakes and you won’t have diabetes!” Wrong!  But wow, I didn’t know I could feel this well! Claudia has helped me understand my body and how to look after it, eat to my satisfaction, no cravings, no bloating, No anxiety, NO DIABETES!!! My clothes fit and I’m comfortable and confident in my body. I’m confident in my food choices also and now eat, drink and socialise with out fear.” Kerrie-Jayne, Gibraltar

“Before beginning the programme, my body was simply a vehicle to get me around from A to B, it had become flabby, uncomfortable and was beginning to groan and creak at the joints. Six weeks on, my body and I are in tune. I have learnt how to nourish my body correctly, what it needs to flourish and make me feel really good….amazing in fact! My skin is clear and glowing, my hair and nails are stronger, my eczema has vanished and I’m firing on all cylinders. Oh, and a happy side effect of all this is dropping a whole dress size and generally feeling fabulous in my body. Claudia’s programme really does work, and is not a faddy diet, it’s a new way of living.” Tracey, Spain

“Hi! I recently completed the programme. I had a baby 6 months ago and was keen on losing weight a healthy way as I was finding it hard to lose weight on my own. I have lost 10 kg and 55cm all over thanks to Claudia. I have continued on my own with the programme by using her tips and losing weight the healthy way.” Louise, Gibraltar

“Dear Claudia, Thank you for your guidance & professionalism during my Light in Body experience… I am now more informed & confident about the food choices I make & why. You are a realist with young children too so you always advocated common sense choices when cooking for a family. I have lost a stone so far with 3 more to go! Its a new lifestyle journey with ups & downs along the way & its not a race! I would strongly recommend anyone with nutritional issues, allergies or suspected intolerances to do the programme.” Yvonne, Ireland

“I have completed Claudia`s programme! I have lost 4kilos and 6 inches from waist,i used to have my sugar level always very high and now has dropped to normal,thanks Claudia for helping me change my diet for healthy way of eating.  I would recommend her to anyone” Frances, Gibraltar

“I am just going to  say a HUGE thank you to Claudia for totally transforming my attitude towards food, and therefore helping me transform my body. I had an extremely stubborn 1stone of additional weight that I have been trying to shift by every possible means for over 10 years! Claudia has given me the necessary understanding and skills to eat healthily, cook nutritious and delicious meals and to cut those dreadful sugar cravings. In addition I have discovered intolerances to food which have been making my life miserable for years! Total transformation with some very easy to follow rules! Claudia doesn’t just provide you with the rules, she guides you through it and offers constant friendly and caring support. I can’t recommend Claudia’s services highly enough! The results speak for themselves, I have lost 1 stone in weight and dropped a dress size and half a shoe size (!!!), I’ve lost over an inch and a half from my waist but most importantly, I feel amazing!” Fiona, London

“What an amazing six weeks, I cannot believe how great I feel and now look. Thank you Claudia. I have just completed the six week weight loss programme and it has been so enlightening, this has really changed my ways of eating. I have gained so much knowledge from Claudia as to how the body works, how to eat the correct foods and which ones I personally need to avoid. When I started this programme I was certain I had no issues with any of the food groups and as a result of this programme I now know I have an intolerance to wheat which I had no idea I did. I have lost an amazing 4 kilos on this plan and I am still losing. I was never hungry and after the first week did not crave the sweet things as there are plenty of substitutes suggested. I have eaten more for breakfast and lunch than I ever have and I lost weight. Amazing. I really did embrace the “eat yourself skinny “. I cannot encourage anyone enough to complete this programme. This is not a diet, this is a complete re-education on how to eat which brings forth so many health benefits and amazing weight loss. I know this weight is now lost for good. Thank you again Claudia.” Nikki, Edinburgh

“Over the last few years I have been interested in improving my health and losing some weight, I have read and surfed the net looking for an eating plan that made sense to me and I could realistically follow as a life nutrition plan. Claudia explained her six week programme and it made so much sense. I joined the programme and with Claudia’s support I lost 8 kilos in those weeks, and best of all , I found that my sugars stabilized within days of starting. Being diabetic ,it is very important for me to have good sugar control and on the plan, it has been easy to do that. Not only is my sugar controlled, but my energy is soaring, bloating and eczema have disappeared. I now know what I need to do to keep healthy. I would recommend Claudia and her Programme to everyone. Thank you Claudia for teaching me a better way to nourishment.” Isabella, Gibraltar

“My experience of the programme has been very positive! I have lost inches from my waist and achieved exactly what I wanted from the course which was to boost my energy and re educate myself on healthy eating habits. The head aches have gone and I am no longer tired through the day. I am no longer slurring my words and my head feels so much clearer! Life feels better! Thank you Claudia.” Sarah, Spain

“I always thought I had no willpower but working the plan with Claudia has made me realize that by eating the right foods it becomes really easy. After a few days my sugar cravings stopped and when shopping, I was even able to walk past the chocolates and biscuits without giving them another thought. I’ve lost 6 kilos and feel so much more comfortable with my body. My heartburn has gone,my energy levels have increased and all in all I feel great. I would definitely recommend this plan to anyone. Thanks a million Claudia.”  Tina, Gibraltar

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