20 May

FREE tools for inspired meal planning!

To celebrate the next 6 week Health and Weight loss programme beginning on 31st May, I’ve decided to share my meal planning tools with you. Whatever your health goals are, I hope these tools make…


02 Dec

Fed up with early wake ups?

Do you wake between 2-5am with a zing? You’re wide-awake! It’s not a ‘maybe I need to go to the bathroom’ sleepy voice, no, this is literally eyes wide open, unlikely to go back to…


18 Nov

Trying to keep healthy over Christmas

Here’s an article I wrote for Mum On The Rock: Are you already dreaming of mince pies, mulled wine and Christmas pudding? Is your mouth watering in anticipation of the Christmas splurge and is part…


07 Oct

Top 10 Tips for (Human) Nourishment!

Slow down! This absolutely deserves first place on the list! When we gobble our food, we don’t chew it properly. Take a moment to imagine you and a friend enjoying a tasty chicken curry… You’re in…