My journey into CBD

Five years ago I was working with two clients suffering with fibromyalgia (a difficult, painful condition). They didn’t know each other but they both came to see me within a few days. Both had experienced massive, life-changing improvements in their symptoms. ‘What’s made the difference?’ I asked. Both replied that they had tried CBD.

I was on a back-foot, not understanding enough about CBD . Fibromyalgia is notoriously difficult to manage. If it could benefit those with fibromyalgia so dramatically, what else could it potentially help with? At the time it felt that CBD was completely consumer led. Health practitioners didn’t have access to much information or research about it, we didn’t understand the mechanisms of how it interacts in the body.

The more I learned about CBD the more excited I became about its potential to genuinely improve peoples’ lives. I learned that there were huge discrepancies and varying qualities of CBD in the marketplace. So I decided to create Mighty Green.

Mighty Green is a team of incredible health professionals. We have a Medical Doctor with Functional Medicine training, a Psychotherapist, two Nutritional Therapists, and incredible fitness professionals. My biggest achievement to date has been persuading Mike Balfour OBE to mentor and become co founder. We create outstanding products using the finest ingredients and we help educate fellow health professionals on how to integrate CBD into their clinical practice.

We share a passion for CBD and use our clinical experience to combine ingredients that we know will have a massive impact. For example, our most popular products are the CBD & Arnica skin balm and CBD & Magnesium skin balm.

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